Deal-making for
the 21st century.

Deal Rooms

Create a new deal room and invite participants in a single click. Discuss terms in a secure environment.


Organise your deal conversations into private channels. Only those invited to the channel can see the channel. Create separate channels for conversations with your clients, staff, and carriers.

Read History

View a complete history of who has seen what, and when. Get certainty when sharing important information.

Deal Room Detail
Document View

Document sharing done right

Keep everyone in sync on the deal docs. with one-click sharing.

Quickly and easily discuss documents with your clients and partners. Collaborate and reach decisions fast.

Whether they are PDFs, spreadsheets, or disclosure documents; never lose track of the version everyone is working off.

See everyone who has accessed the docs.; make sure all parties are kept up-to-date with revisions and updates as they happen.

Work smarter with Smart Tasks

Keeping up with all the action items that need to completed to close a deal or make a claim can be difficult.

Streamline your workload by creating dynamic task lists for your deal partners. Get automatic updates as the items are checked off.

Automatically share the smart task outputs with other deal partners by tagging them to tasks. No more forwarding-on requested documents once received.

Smart Tasks
Contracts and DLTs

Get Blockchain and DLT Ready

Insurance is going through a massive period of innovation.

New standards for insurance contracts, market placement, and broking are emerging, and those that embrace it will help shape the industry landscape for decades to come.

Surematics provides a multi-chain interface to those new standards, ensuring your firm will always be right at the cutting edge.

Acord Forms made simple

Seamlessly integrate Acord form generation into your Surematics account.

Stop double-keying information. Collect the information you need once, and let us do the rest.

Accord Logo
Clear Route


Keep a clear, easy to understand account of premiums, commissions, and fees. Get instant updates of mismatches.

Reduce reconciliation errors; quickly improve your straight through business processing.

Any device. Any time.

With our fully native web-app, whatever device you are most productive on is ready to go instantly.

Everything is always in sync. Start on your phone, continue with your computer, finish on your tablet.

No apps to download. Nothing to install.

Use between devices

Enterprise ready.


When structuring deals, time matters. We understand responsiveness is critical, and we design our services to provide the swift and efficient information channels necessary. With regular tuning and updates, we intend to keep it that way.


We know how important your information is so we continually work to provide total security of data, both in transit and at rest. Designed from industry best-practices, with added protections to make sure your conversations and documents are always protected.


With Surematics everything is end-to-end encrypted, meaning even we cannot see your data. For added privacy we can also provide a private version for your own infrastructure, for that extra level of privacy when needed.


Our services are continually replicated across multiple service providers to ensure recovery from anything. Nothing is unbreakable, so we’ve designed a highly resilient system that self-duplicates to maintain 100% up-time.

DealTrack is free to use, for as long as you want, for deals of any size.